DEADLINE: 11:59 PM CST, Sunday, October 25, 2020

Students may begin drafting their application and uploading the required files on September 18th and continue to make changes until 11:59 PM CST on Sunday, October 25th. Applications must be submitted by the deadline.

For more information, please visit the 2020 Graphic Design Portfolio Review webpage


What is the Graphic Design Portfolio Review? 

It is a closed door evaluation of your artwork after completion of the following classes in the Department of Art BFA Program (or their transferred equivalent): Design I & II, Drawing I & II, 3D Design, and Intro to Computing Art.*

*Students who are currently enrolled in 3D Design and/or Intro to Computing Art are eligible to apply.

The Graphic Design Portfolio Review takes place every Fall semester — it is only offered once per year.

What is the purpose of the Graphic Design Portfolio Review?

The enrollment demand for the Graphic Design program is very high and resources/classroom spaces are limited. Only the top students will be selected for entry into the Graphic Design Concentration.

Passing the Graphic Design Portfolio Review is a requirement to enter the Graphic Design Concentration.





ii.  ACADEMIC RECORD FORMClick here to download the ACADEMIC RECORD FORM. Follow the instructions listed at the top of the page.


1. DRAWING: black & white (Drawing I)

2. DRAWING: color (Drawing II)

3. DRAWING: student's choice (Drawing I or II)

4. DESIGN: black & white (Design I)

5. DESIGN: color (Design II)

6. DESIGN: student's choice (Design I or II)

7. 3D DESIGN PIECE (3D Design)

8. INTRO COMP PIECE #1 (Intro to Computing Art)

9. INTRO COMP PIECE #2 (Intro to Computing Art)


10. OPTIONAL PIECE #1 (any art studio class)

11. OPTIONAL PIECE #2 (any art studio class)

12. OPTIONAL PIECE #3 (any art studio class)

FILE FORMATTING: Click here to view/download the 2020 Graphic Design Portfolio Review Workshop PDF. This 7-page PDF contains a comprehensive overview along with detailed instructions. File formatting specifications can be found on pages 4 and 7. (This document was distributed and discussed during the 2020 Graphic Design Portfolio Review Workshop on September 18, 2020.) 

Click here to access any/all of the 2020 Graphic Design Portfolio Review resources.

To be eligible to receive transfer credit you must:

1. Attach a PDF document that includes syllabi or catalog descriptions for each of the courses that you wish to transfer

2. Upload high quality images of the work that was created in each course, you must have a minimum of 75% of the coursework from each course. 

3. Label your art work files according to this example: lastname_course_piece#.jpg, ex. jones_painting_piece3.jpg

Images in your transfer portfolio should show your artwork in the best possible light. Photograph your artwork on a neutral background under even light - no dark shadows or extreme highlights. Images should be a minimum file size of 72dpi.

To receive transfer credit each class must be approved by the coordinator of the area in which the course falls under: Foundations, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Printmaking, Painting, Ceramics, Graphic Design, or Art History. If the transfer credit is not approved, the student must enroll in the MSU Art course in order to receive required credits.

To view MSU student work from each course click here:

As part of the Articulation Agreement between Mississippi Junior and  Community Colleges and the state’s four-year universities, the following  courses will automatically transfer.  A grade of “C” or better is  required in each course in order for it to be accepted by the Department  of Art:

  • ART 1213 Drawing I
  • ART 1223 Drawing II
  • ART 1123 Design I (2-D)
  • ART 1133 Design II (Color)
  • ART 1013 Art History I
  • ART 1023 Art History II
  • ART 1153 3D Design.

A Foundations Professor or Academic Records Assistant may advise the student to retake one or more courses, if doing so will improve the student’s technique and/or skill level, and increase their chances of a successful Concentration Portfolio Review.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process please contact:

Audra Gines 

Academic Records Assistant


Mississippi State University Department of Art